My big fat git failure

Note: this isn’t critism, rather a documentation of my own stupidity.

It all started a couple of hours ago. I needed to change something fast on this blog so instead of using my normal method (ie: using Jekyll to generate all the files and then push them to GitHub) I decided to use GitHub’s built-in editor since that’s a much faster way. Big mistake. After a while, when I decided to commit another change using the actual desktop client I got an error message which said “DETACHED HEAD”. After some googling around I found a pretty simple solution that thankfully solved this.

However, after I’d fixed that and remade all of my changes locally using my normal method, I got another error message when I was trying to commit the changes: “Failed to sync this branch”.

Failed to sync this branch

I again did a google search but this time around I didn’t come across something that could entirely fix the problem. I did found a temporary fix though which involves using the shell, so I’m still able to update the site. I don’t know if I screwed something up or if it’s a bug. I’m hoping that the problem will solve itself, even though it’s highly unlikely.

Damn me and my apparent laziness.

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