Cleaning up

During the last couple of days I’ve started to clean up among my RSS subscriptions. I’ll admit that when I first started using Google Reader a couple of years ago I subscribed and subscribed, and then subscribed some more. I became an feed addict. I started to add every site that I came across that I enjoyed, which adds up to a lot over a longer period of time. As you can imagine, it became more and more stressful to keep up with every single feed (admittedly I didn’t do a good job of doing that, but I atleast tried). So I decided that it was time to do a serious clean up. I’m finally done after plowing through countless of feeds.

I actually think that it’s more enjoyable to read all the posts as most of them were intended, ie. on an actual blog/website. Even though Google Reader is a handy tool it’s not very nice too look at, atleast not when you read a very long piece. I know that you can use extensions to make it more enjoyable, but I don’t really like to have to many of those either. I do use Pocket when I want to save something that I want to read later, especially when I know that I’m going to use my iPhone for some late night reading. Even though my life won’t change drastically just because I hit the unsubscribe button on some feeds it feels good to have less distractions in my life. Now I actually look forward to read something, which I haven’t done in a long time. That’s quite nice.

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