My adventure with Peppermint OS

I’ve always been a bit of a geek, so naturally I decided to try out a lightweight Linux distro on my old computer (mostly just for kicks). I looked around on the internet and came across a couple of distros that looked good, and in the end I decided to try out Peppermint OS. The ISO file was small enough for me to burn it onto a CD rather than a DVD, plus I was confident (well, as confident as you can be without having actually tried it) that my old computer could atleast handle it pretty well.

Peppermint OS

Here’s an short introduction borrowed from the official website:

Peppermint was designed for enhanced mobility, efficiency and ease of use. While other operating systems are taking 10 minutes to load, you are already connected, communicating and getting things done. And, unlike other operating systems, Peppermint is ready to use out of the box.

Even though my old computer is borderline ancient, it took about 10-15 minutes at the most to install the whole thing (I did run in to some problems at first, but it think that was the computer’s fault rather than the actually OS itself). The initial setup went smooth too, though it took a couple of minutes before my internet connection worked. So far I haven’t been tweaking that much, but I’m defintively looking forward to doing that.

Peppermint OS Three

This is the first time that I’ve install a Linux distro (I’ve poked around in Ubuntu a few times) and I must say that so far I’m impressed. The next step for me is to try to customize it a bit, especially the look of the shell. I’m quite excited to dive in to the (hopefully) wonderful world of Linux. I might even get stuck in it.

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