The joys of writing

After about a month of what I would say is fairly regularly blogging on this website I’ve come to the conclusion that I really love to write, even though I’m not sure that anybody is actually reading it. A couple of years ago I toyed with the idea to actually study to become a journalist, but that didn’t plan out. In hindsight, it was probably for the best. I did get a small freelance job as a music writer and reviewer that lasted about a year, which I enjoyed even though I think I got a bit repetitive at the end of the run. My newfound love of writing is probably what keeps me going. I haven’t set up an Google Analytics account nor a FeedBurner either, just because I realize that statistics doesn’t really matter much to me. Sure, I would be really happy to know that someone appreciate my writing and what I have to say, but I’m mostly doing it for the sake of myself. It doesn’t hurt that I’m probably getting better and better at it either.

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