My new Twitter client

After a hectic search for a replacement for Echofon I think I’ve finally stumbled upon something that’ll work for me, Hotot. Like many apps I use it’s both open source and cross platform though it’s mainly developed for the Linux environment. Although the website states that the Windows version is “very unstable” I haven’t had any problems with it yet. It’s not as pretty and clean as Echofon but the fact that it’s still decently minimal and it has a one column layout makes it worth using in my opinion. I did try out Sobees and Nymphicus. For some reason Sobees wouldn’t let me stay logged in and Nymphicus’ interface didn’t strike a chord with me.


The login screen leaves a lot to be desired but I actually really like the buttons that’s at the top of the default interface. It’s quite reminiscent of Tapbots’ Tweetbot for Mac. I’ve noticed that it sometimes takes a couple of minutes for it to notify me about mentions and messages, but I think I’m just spoiled with other apps in that regard. I do hope that the development of it continues but I guess my backup plan is to use Tweetdeck since it’s the official client for Twitter. I’m not it’s biggest fan though.

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