Onword – a distraction free writing app on the web

Just a few days ago I stumbled upon a new web based writing app by Dan Eden called Onword. It’s incredibly simple to use: you only need to sign in with your Twitter account 1, create a new document and you’re good to go. I really like the interface’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach, and according to the developer it’s best used with Markdown which is another big plus for me.


However, right now there’s no way to make your documents private. Anyone can access them by guessing the random assigned numbers after the base URL. The ability to make documents private is being developed though. I think it’s great that you can actually create public viewable documents, like when you want to share something you’ve written the doesn’t really fit on your blog for example. In all honesty I think that Onword is the finest web-based writing app I’ve come across and I’ll make sure to use it when I feel the urge and need to do so.

  1. The app uses it to associate your documents with your account. 

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