Vim: a couple of days in

It’s been nearly a week since I started with venturing into Vim and so far it’s really been an adventure for sure. I’ve managed to pick up a few new tricks everyday and yesterday I had to stop myself from saving a quick note I was jotting down in another editor with :w1 which I guess is a good thing. I’ve also managed to scrap together a decent .vimrc file with lots of settings and installed quite a few plugins as well. I feel that using Vim makes me atleast feel a bit more efficient and while the learning curve is steep I do think that I’ll continue to use it. I’ve always been lazy when it comes to learning keyboard shortcuts and even though I think that you should use whatever feels most comfortable to you it’s defintively not a bad thing to be able to move around and edit things fast without having to use the mouse.

I’ve also started a new project2 and decided that I’ll only work on it in Vim just to get a good feel for it and to learn how to actually use all the basic ways to get by atleast. That’ll probably prove to be a challenge, but fun nonetheless. I have a lot to learn but I’m equally eager to do that.

  1. The default way of saving things in Vim. 

  2. Or a thing. The word “project” sounds so serious. 

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