Launch week

Yesterday I finally pushed something to the master branch of a thing I started working on last week, Smallwork. It’s a small yet full featured SCSS framework, or starting point as I’d like to call it. The first time I tried SCSS was way back in August or September but I didn’t really “get” it until I started learning Ruby. The code length measures in at a total of 1156 numbers of lines1 which kind of makes it my most ambitious work to date.

I also played around with Sinatra again and came up with a simple journal app which uses Datamapper and SQLite3 for storing everything in a database. Like I mentioned earlier I’m quite fond of Sinatra, especially since it’s really easy to understand what do to and what’s going on. The code is so self-explanatory that I sometimes have to pinch myself to see that I’m not in fact dreaming. I’m no expert but I like where I’m going with it and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’m also thinking about extending Kramit! a bit, but we’ll see how that goes… I guess I should try to slow myself down a bit since I’ve launched three new projects this week alone. I’m having fun though!

  1. That’s including blank lines and comments. It’s still a pretty big number though. The compiled CSS code is 682 lines long and that’s without any additional content besides the basic structure itself. 

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