I created yet another (pointless) app

My experiments with the Sinatra framework continues and yesterday I pushed yet another app to Heroku called Slugize. It only has one small purpose: creating a slug out of a blog title, which can be pretty handy when you use a static site generator like Jekyll. I usually don’t decide on a title until a few seconds before I “hit publish” which means that fixing the slug is usually the last thing I do. I find it extremely annoying that I have to manually type out - between every word in the title and change every letter to be in downcase1. I guess you can call it lazyiness too. Now I only need to copy and paste the title into Slugize and it’ll do it automatically for me and I also added an option to append the current day’s date to it. It’s funny how being lazy sometimes makes you more productive.

  1. I do actually use the rake post function that I created for my Jekyll Rake Boilerplate project, but I only use it when I’m 100% sure on a post’s title and content. 

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