More Vim goodness

I feel like I start to sound like a fantatic when it comes to Vim, but the truth is that I’m having so much fun with it that it’s hard to stop and thus I’ve created two more plugins: Voutliner and Footnotes.


Voutliner is a simple outlining tool1. I looked at both VimOutliner and TVO but I felt that they were a bit too “heavy” for me. I wanted something simple that didn’t depend on too many different components. Voutliner is certainly not for everyone but it works perfectly for me. It basically built around a couple of regexes based on indentation that’s been linked with the default syntax highlighting. I did try it out on a couple of different colorschemes and it seems to work on most of them, which is good.


I like using footnotes but I hate having to manually enter the date for each and every one of them2. At first I used a simple abbreviation to try to tackle the problem but I still had to move around too much for my liking. Now I just need to press F7 and the date will get added to every footnote automatically. Like Voutliner I doubt that many people will use it, but yet again it’s extremely useful for me.

  1. And it’s a really bad name. 

  2. I use YYYYMMDD-# as a format so that every footnote has an unique set of numbers, which makes it even more tedious. 

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