Re-releasing Smallwork

Back in January I wrote a small paragraph about my SCSS “framework” Smallwork. When I released it I was really happy about it, but I soon realized that I’d been perhaps a bit too trigger happy with it. This weekend I decided on a whim to nuke it and start over and yesterday I re-released it. It’s pratically re-written from the ground up and it’s even smaller in size than it was before. I cleaned up the code like a maid and threw out quite a bit of extra “baggage” that I was probably never going to use anyway. Now I feel like it actually could be useful to someone else too, which is really nice.

I also created yet another Vim plugin, this time just a simple wrapper for Compass, which Smallwork is built with. I was getting sick of having to type either :!compass compile or :sh and then compass compile so I threw together a really basic function that makes it much easier. Now I only have to type :CompassCompile. Another nice feature is that you don’t actually have to close the command prompt1 which means that you can use :CompassWatch without it interfering with Vim2. If all goes well I think I’ll even publish it on the official Vim scripts website too.

  1. Normally you can’t do anything until you’ve exited the command prompt and hit Enter, but a simple solution from the Vim Wiki fixed that. 

  2. Atleast on Windows. I don’t think that there’s an easy way to do that on Unix, which is unfortunate. 

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