Giving jQuery another go

A few months ago I started to play around with jQuery. Given that I was much more new to coding then it sadly didn’t take me long before I kind of gave up. After playing around with Ruby for a few months I decided to give jQuery another go and so far I think that I’ve got the basics down. Ruby and jQuery are totally different, but after learning the general basics of coding it’s been relatively easy to pick it up1. I’m obviously very much a beginner though. I’ve thrown together a few simple scripts2 in a GitHub repo that I’ve appropriately named “yayQuery” that might come in handy. It’s been pretty fun and who knows, some day I might get the hang of this whole front-end development thing?

  1. Especially when the syntax is quite easy for common things, like hide() and show()

  2. I’ve currently figured out how to scroll smoothly to IDs using anchors, how to make a dropdown menu and a simple slideshow. Yay indeed. 

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