My adventure with Manjaro Linux

After a few months of using Crunchbang Linux, which is based on Debian, I decided to switch to Manjaro Linux instead. Even though I really like Crunchbang I wanted to have a go at using a Arch Linux based system, mainly because of the rolling release cycle. I’ve also heard that the package manager, Pacman1 is fantastic. I didn’t really want to install it from scratch though2 and that’s when discovered Manjaro. I might do it at some other point, but I really like nothing having to install everything by myself. What’s even more awesome that it came with Openbox edition, which I’m a big fan of. I know that Arch has a reputation of breaking constantly, but since I’m going to use it on a secondary machine it doesn’t bother me much. I might even learn something from a little breakage, although I hope I won’t encounter it too often.

  1. Which is an amazing name, by the way. 

  2. Know your limitations. I’m sure that I wouldn’t have succeed with it. 

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