A brand new blog (again)

I decided yet again to throw together a new design for this site. At this point it feels like it’s almost getting a monthly thing, but hopefully I’ll stick with this one for a bit longer. I do really feel that I’m getting a bit better every time I do it though, which is something. This time around I took a much more OOCSS approach to the writing of the CSS and I mainly used the BEM syntax. I don’t find it particularly pretty but it’s quite logical.

Another thing I did was that instead of prefixing the classes of every major part of the site with site- I went for a much simpler l-, which stands for “layout”. I also used br-, “breakpoint”, for the buttons in the main navigation. They get much wider when the site’s viewed on a small screen and instead of having to write a lot of code I simply added a class to them. Very convenient! If I had more “media query”-based classes I probably would’ve used other names for them, but as of right now it works well I think.

I once again used Sass’ excellent darken and lighten functions to generate the color palette. I can’t imagine how I’d do without them, to be honest. Like I mentioned earlier I feel that I’m getting better at designing in general but I’m not designer by far.

I finally added syntax highlighting too. For some reason I completely missed that Highlight.js, the engine that I now use, actually detects the language automatically without me having to add classes and span tags by hand. All the code is suddenly much more readable! I removed the Vim keybindings script for the site. It was getting on my nerves and the code looked truly awful.

And that’s a wrap!

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