A handy function for going to the root directory of a project in Vim

Here’s a handy function I came up with after being tired of using :cd ../ like a madman when I was deep down at the bottom of a project’s folder structure:

function! GoToRootDir()
  if isdirectory(".git")|| filereadable("Rakefile") ||
    silent! exec 'cd ../'
    call GoToRootDir()

It’s a not-so-fancy way of basically telling Vim to keep going up in the directory structure until it finds either a .git folder or a specific file. When it finds the root it’ll also print out the path, which I added so that you can actually see that you’re in the root of the project. You can of course change .git, Rakefile and Gruntfile.js to something completely different, as long as it’s a file that you commonly have in your projects. I also added a more convenient mapping for it in my .vimrc:

command! -nargs=0 Root call GoToRootDir()

This step may not be necessary, but by mapping something like :call GoToRootDir to just :Root means that you have to type fewer keystrokes.

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