Kapow!: a punchy PowerShell framework

Earlier today I released a new project called Kapow!. After growing more and more frustrated over how slow Cygwin was1 and not being able to use Oh my Zsh! on my Windows machine I decided to hack together something that atleast resembled some kind of framework. Right now it has quite a few aliases, scripts, tab completion and themes. I haven’t really used the PowerShell that much so the code looks a bit wonky but hey, it works! My initial thoughts about writing scripts for the the PowerShell are not bad… I think that I actually like it, which is a shock. This is how my prompt looks right now2:

Kapow! with the Punchy theme

It’s definitively an improvement over the standard look and behaviour. I haven’t noticed any slowness at all either, but the plugin library isn’t that huge right now. I’m hoping to expanded it a bit more and I’ll be happy if anyone wants to contribute!

  1. It takes about 10 seconds to launch it. No joke. 

  2. I’m also using Console2

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