A few quick tips for working with npm on Windows

A few days ago I was having trouble with the executable file for Servera. I couldn’t get it to run on my Linux box and after some troubleshooting I realized what the culprit was. It was saved as a dos file. That’s highly annoying when you’re trying to make your code cross-platform. After some digging around I found a few solutions that seems to work:

  • Use Unix-style line endings:
    • set fileformat=unix in your .vimrc.
  • Set the Git configuration option auto.clrf to input:
    • git config --global core.autoclrf input
  • Update the Git index so that the executable file always has the right permissions:
    • git update-index --chmod=+x <path/to/file>

That’s it. This’ll hopefully make my code a little less prone to errors.

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