Partially: use partials in your markup

I’ve always been jealous of the plethora of build tools available on OS X, in particular Hammer for Mac and it’s excellent @include feature. Rather than buying a new computer I decided to instead create yet another Node.js project and build it myself. I named it Partially1. It enables you to do this:

<!-- @include partial.ext -->

It’ll then include the partial in question in the file. It should be able to handle any markup language, although I’ve some far only tried HTML, Haml, Jade and Markdown.

This was also the first real project that I decide to go all in on and write actual tests for. It suprised me that once I got into it it was actually quite fun! I have no idea if I did it the “right” way, but I atleast tried to. Pull requests are always welcome. In fact, they’re even encouraged!

  1. Of course! 

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