A kind of redesign

After finally updating to the latest versions of Ruby and Jekyll1 I decided it was time for changing a few things on this site. I added a proper landing page to make the site feel more like and actually site rather than just a blog.

I went back to basics and removed all of the plugins I was using which means that I can push the source code directly up to GitHub without having to build it locally first.

There’s now no tags or archive pages but that honestly doesn’t feel like a big thing. Compiling the site is A LOT faster too. It used to take a couple of seconds but now it’s done before I’ve even had the time to hit “refresh”.

I also converted all of my Sass files over to Stylus. Not because I necessarily think it’s better but it’s much more convenient since I use Node.js (and gulp) for the whole front-end build process.

  1. Which finally works great on Windows thanks to the encoding: utf8 setting. Yay! 

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