fz: a tiny fuzzy file finder

Fuzzy file finders are awesome. CtrlP is one of my favorite plugins for Vim and while there are alternatives for Unix based systems I haven’t really found one that I can easily use with Git Bash. I decided to hack together a tiny (one line) shell script that somewhat mimicks a fuzzy file finder, albeit primitively. I named it fz and it’s available in my dotfiles repository.

fz will perform a recursive fuzzy search for all the files you’re looking for. It’s case-insensitive and ignores a couple of directories by default1. As an example, If I run fz .x in my local dotfiles repository it’ll print the following:


fz is mainly meant to be used when you need to find a particular file or a set of files, although it can be used for other actions. For example, if I run it in conjunction with Vim, vim $(fz .x)2, I can open all files and populate the argument list in one fell swoop.

  1. Searching through things like .git and node_modules is hardly useful, atleast not for me. 

  2. In this particular case vim **/.{x,X}* would probably suffice though. 

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