Mopidy and ncmpcpp

Ever since I switched to a Spotify premium account I’ve been searching for a command line client to use on my Manjaro Linux powered netbook. I’ve settled on using Mopidy as a music server and ncmpcpp as the front-end client for it.

First we’ll grab mopidy and mopidy-spotify from the AUR:

yaourt -Sa mopidy
yaourt -Sa mopidy-spotify

Now we need to add our Spotify username and password in the ~/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf file:

enabled = true
username = USERNAME
password = PASSWORD

Now it’s time to install ncmpcpp, which is available in the official repositories:

yaourt -Sa ncmpcpp

Before we run ncmpcpp we need to start mopidy. We could do this in our .xinitrc file or as a systemd service, but since I don’t want the server to be running all the time I’ve settled on doing it manually.

ncmpcpp, powered by

There’s about a million options for configuring ncmpcpp and my settings are, as always, in my dotfiles repository.

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