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I installed this plugin a couple of weeks ago and I’m wondering where it has been all my life. If you’re using something like ack.vim or ag.vim the plugin makes it incredibly easy to manipulate the results in the quickfix or location list. The Qfilter command alone makes it worthy of an install in my opinion.

Let’s say you you want to replace “foo” with “bar”. You first do your normal “grepping”. “foo” appears in both JavaScript and CSS files but you’re only interested in the latter:

:Qfilter css

Maybe you need to narrow down the list further and you only want the files under the “baz” directory:

:Qfilter baz

To load the remaining items in the quickfix list into the argument list, run Qargs. Now you can use argdo %s/foo/bar/g for the replacing.

I’ve only scratched the surface on what the plugin can do so make sure to head over to it’s repository on GitHub and check it out. I can’t recommend it enough!

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